The Keith Family


Alan Keith married Kendra just recently.  On their way back from their honeymoon both fell asleep on the plane.  When they woke, they were being dropped off by cab in front of a large cabin.  Alan blinked blearily at his wife then looked at the cab driver.

“Where are we?”  Alan asked.

“Your new home.”

“But I’ve never seen this place.  We must have given you the wrong address.”  Alan began to rattle off his actual address and found he couldn’t remember it.  He looked at Kendra again.

“I have no idea,” she snapped.  Then she looked at the house again and an idea began to grow in the back of her mind.  Starting over wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it?  “Let’s just get out of this stuffy cab already.  It can’t be worse in there.”

And so the couple began their new life together.



Allen was a cheerful geek who loved to read.  He hoped to befriend the world, and maybe raise a kid or two with Kendra.


Kendra wasn’t at all the woman she’d pretended to be while dating Alan.  To her Alan was a means to an end and nothing more.  Now that they were married he was her captive and slave.  She felt certain he’d never leave her, so she plotted the best ways to use him.  He would be her extra income, and her support as she took over the world and bent it to her will, or at least the city.  As for children, she had no intention to produce any of those, she hated them.


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