The Acuna Family


Liam Acuna is a family of one.  Following the traditions of his family he departed on the day after his birthday to explore the world and find his place in it.  It’s a spirit quest in that he’s searching for the spirit in which he’ll live his life.  One possible future would be to eventually return home and take over the family but Liam knew from the moment he left that being family heir wasn’t his calling.  He would start a new branch of the Acuna family, in a new place.


After months of travel he found a piece of land that seemed right and built what he needed to settle there for a time.  He didn’t build a house because he wanted to wait, but he was happy with his campsite.  The only thing he longed for was a bit of company and some music.


2 thoughts on “The Acuna Family

    1. I’m tickled you saw the sauna. It’s one of the signs he’s settling in to stay for a while. He doesn’t have a kitchen… yet. Thank you so much for dropping in and commenting. I’m so excited about telling these stories in this town and it’s neat to have a reader who leaves comments. 🙂


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