The Elder Family


Alita and Twyla were recently married and transferred the the desert town of Oasis Springs.  They are Nimeish, and like many Nime they worship a goddess named Moondansr who they believe gave them life.  In the front of their home is a shrine and nightly they dance, meditate, do yoga or stargaze in order to honor the goddess.  It is their belief that if they do this the goddess may someday grant them children.  Nime consider themselves blessed, since every child is born with a special gift.  All females receive the gift of genius and all males the gift of creativity.

Alita looked at the home they were moving into.  “It’s small for a mansion.”


“We’ll make it bigger, but it’s going to be a lot of work.” Twyla replied.  “I like the colors, and the bookcase of course.”  She looked through the books.  “How sad it is there aren’t more books.”

Alita nodded.  “At least the main room is big enough for me to host some parties but the tv is too small.  How will we watch the game?”

Twyla frowned and eyed the tv.  “You mean how will you watch the game.  I don’t know.  You could pray to the goddess for a larger tv.”

“I might just do that.”

With a sigh Twyla went back outside and stared at the garden.  “I wonder if these flowers have to be watered.”


Money is Alita’s top concern for many reasons.  She likes to live big and she wants to host sports parties in a big way.  If she doesn’t have any friends, however, the money isn’t as great.  So her second priority will definitely be to make some friends, especially because her wife has no interest in watching games with her.


Twyla is smart and when she’s reading books she seems almost at peace but she’s subject to really low moods.  Some days she doesn’t even want to get out of the bed.  She feels like the world has so little to offer her and what it does have she’ll probably manage to do wrong anyhow.  Alita really shocked her by wanting to get married, but she worries often that the marriage won’t last.


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