The Aspen Family


“The first thing that attracted me to Theron was the way he walked,” Minh told his friends at the wedding party.  “He looked like he owned the world.”

“I do,” Theron said.  “The only problem is that no one’s told the world yet.”

“Then we went camping together and it was hilarious he… Ow!”

“Sorry, was that your toe?”  Theron stood up and took his glass with him.  “Does anyone other than me need another drink?”

Minh was wise enough to wait until Theron was out of hearing distance before he said.  “He hates bugs.  It’s adorable.”

In a week when they approached their new home together in a new town away from everyone the first thing on Minh’s mind was how they would make enough to support their lifestyle.  Theron surprised him with a whole different topic.

“The temple is nice.  Do you think the goddess will bless us with a child soon?”

Minh took a deep breath and glanced at the temple.  “Are you sure it’s not a bit early for that?”

“I’m an author, so I’m bound to be home as needed.  Besides, isn’t that up to Her, not us?”

“I guess so.”  Minh nodded and put his arms around Theron hugging him close.


Theron smiled, returning the gesture.  He was proud of the match he’d managed and he thought their children were bound to be extremely precocious.


Minh appreciates art and the finer things in life.  He wants to surround himself and his new husband with the best of the best.  He also wants to mix great drinks, so he can impress guests with them as well as his amazing husband and house.  It’s a long road to these things, but he’s determined to get there.


Theron knows he’s amazing, the rest of the world just has to catch up.  He doesn’t have much faith in that though.  Most other people are too slow to figure him out or understand where he’s coming from.  The books that he’s going to write are for the people who get it, who know what it is to be great.  People like him, those will be his readers and some day the rest of the world will look up at him in awe, as they should.


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