The Beech Family


Asa and Thao Beech were the third Nimeish couple to move in.  Their temple is a bit different because Asa likes everything to be done just so.

“Neat roof,” Thao said when he saw the temple.  “Oh, I like the lamps.”

“I would have liked to pick them out with you.”  Asa gave Thao a long look, but Thao didn’t seem to be fazed.

“Well, I didn’t want to miss my shows, besides, you wouldn’t have wanted whatever I might have picked.  I like it this way.”

Asa didn’t say anything to that but he had a strange smile on his face.  “So you aren’t going to complain about anything I’ve done?”

“Of course not.”


Thao tried to ignore the feeling that was creeping up on him.  He was just realizing that his husband might have done something to get back at him for all of the times he hadn’t been available to help with the house plans.  Hopefully the goddess had intervened on his behalf, at least a little bit.


Asa’s desire to do things right sometimes hampers his ability to finish things.  On the other hand the end products tend to be stunning.  He loved Thao right away because the other man helped him relax a little bit.  Candle lit dinners, movies, and walks in the park led to his proposal.  It wasn’t until they started planning their future together that Asa discovered the one thing about Thao that disturbed him fundamentally.


Thao loves kicking back and catching some shows, or just a nap.  He dreams of being a great musician but it’s all so much work that he may never actually reach the goal.  Asa is incredibly romantic and Thao loves his paintings.  Sometimes Asa’s drive makes him really tired, but it’s fine.  He just takes a nap when that happens.


4 thoughts on “The Beech Family

    1. Somehow I didn’t reply to this. I’ve been reading some and working hard on my next update, it’s a big one. These two are pretty complementary as long as they can accept the differences they have and remember not to get too irritated over those differences.

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